25 Funny Cat Memes

Looking for a laugh? Take a look at these 25 funny cat memes that deal with topics like getting fixed and showing sympathy for an owner during a hangover.

  • Barbara Fields-McAfee

    #4 not funny. That is Lil Bub. She has physical challenges. So really this is like going to the children’s physical therapy and making fun of them.

    • Don Dravis Sr.
      • Barbara Fields-McAfee

        So we call you a square troll it is just a joke right? Only bleeding heart when it is sh!tty. And never for two leggers.

        • Don Dravis Sr.

          I’m certain you’re right…
          Lil Bub, is most likely scarred for life from this public shaming and humiliation!
          No doubt it will take YEARS of counseling and therapy for this Cat to even be able to face each day without panic and depression overcoming it!

          Dafuq is wrong with you ? ?
          I’m guessing you live with 15 cats, and went on 2 dates your entire life.

          • Barbara Fields-McAfee

            Only creeps make fun of persons or animals with disabilities physical orental. Lowest of low and shows low self esteem and poor rearing. For the record happily married for years. Nothing is wrong with me. Sadly you are clueless. And two legger I really don’t care if you ever get one or not.

    • Aimee

      Actually, it’s not insulting at all, unless you choose to assign your own judgments to it. All the meme says is that most cats look down on you and question your intelligence, but not that one. It does not say “because she is stupid,” or “retarded,” or “challenged.” It can easily simply mean that she is a non-judgmental cat. Unlike you.