Feeling Cruddy? Grab Your Kitty And Feel The Healing Power Of Cat Purrs

Mary Crosbie

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Ugh, Winter can feel so gross sometimes. It’s icy cold. It’s dark all day long. It’s flu season and everywhere you go people are sniffling and coughing and wheezing. So, to feel better, I’ve been picking up my most purry cat, Betsy, and getting extra cuddles. But, while I was squeezing my thirteen pound calico mush, little did I know that Betsy was actually physically healing me with powerful PURRS!

Cats purr when they’re happy, you know, just give your cat some chin scratches, and hear that purr engine start. But cats also purr when they’re sick. Why? Vibrations from purring heal a lot of stuff. Like a lot! Cat purrs can heal broken bones, wounds, troubled breathing, sore joints, stress, uhhh basically everything.

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They purr at a frequency of 25-150 hertz, which falls in a range that actually improves bone density and promotes healing. Vibration therapy was used on Russian astronauts because space travel being tough on bones, vibrations helped heal up bone loss. I don’t think they covered themselves in cats, but they could have, because cats will heal you up!

The way it works is the purring vibrations cause muscles to expand and contract, which improves circulation in the area, and then also spurs your bones to repair themselves, and strengthen up by stimulating bone growth. In addition, because the sensation of purring is soothing, it will immediately calm frayed nerves, bring down stress levels, and high blood pressure, which is a heart health bonus.

AND cats don’t charge a co-pay!

So if you’re feeling blech, and got the winter blues, apply a warm kitty. Maybe two kitties? Just pile them on until your broken bones are healed! Or the memory of a bad day has faded into purrrrrrrr.

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And if you know someone with chronic illness, suggest that maybe it’s time they get a cat doctor on their staff. Purring therapy could be great for sufferer of all sorts of illnesses, pain and disease. It can’t hurt to try.

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