The 10 smartest cats

Cats are remarkable animals in many aspects — and this is especially true in terms of intelligence. For instance, if they have nothing to play with or do, then they’ll invent something to keep them occupied. They can also be sneaky and methodical, especially when they try to reach seemingly inaccessible areas. Here are 10 cats — in alphabetical order — in the Cat Breed Center that received the highest rating of five stars for an Intelligence characteristic. Is your cat smarter than you?

1. Abyssinian Cats

“Back off — ‘man’s best friend’ — I can crush you with a thought!”

2. Bengal Cats

3. Burmese Cats

4. Cornish Rex Cats

5. European Burmese

6. Scottish Fold Cats

7. Siamese Cats

8. Singapura Cats

9. Tonkinese Cats

10. Turkish Van Cats