Top 16 Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds

One of the key things any family needs to take into account when considering getting a pet is whether or not the animal is kid friendly. According to the Cat Breed Center, the following cats have the highest — five-star — rating in the Kid friendly category under Breed Characteristics. How friendly is your cat with kids?

If I stand my ground, and he’s gentle with me, we can play all day long! (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

1. Abyssinian Cats

2. Bengal Cats

3. Birman Cats

4. Burmese Cats

5. Cornish Rex Cats

6. Devon Rex Cats

7. European Burmese

8. Japanese Bobtail Cats

9. Maine Coon Cats

10. Ragamuffin Cats

11. Ragdoll Cats

12. Scottish Fold Cats

13. Selkirk Rex Cats

14. Siamese Cats

15. Siberian Cats

16. Sphynx Cats

You can get complete information on the above cats and several others in the CatTime Cat Breed Center.