Top 10 Cat Breeds That Love Water

    We all know cats hate water, right? Not so fast! Plenty of domestic cats think taking a dip in a lake, getting in the shower with you, or just splashing around in their water dish is the most fun ever. Here are a few cat breeds that love the water.

    by Kim Campbell Thornton
    April 30th

    Cat Carriers: Which Kind Is Right For Your Cat?

    If there’s one purchase every cat family needs to make, even before bringing home their adopted cat, it’s a cat carrier. These portable kennels make it easy to transport your cat safely, whether that’s for a trip to the vet, a move, or a vacation.

    by CatTime
    April 24th

    Can Cats And Bearded Dragons Be Friends?

    Bearded Dragons, or “Beardies,” are making their way into the homes of Americans; even though, they tend to be a little more exotic. The Bearded Dragon and the domestic cat are, therefore, bound to cross paths and be introduced; but can they be friends? Here’s what you should know.

    by Johnathan David
    April 23rd

    Hairballs In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention

    If you own a cat — or one owns you — you’ve almost certainly heard the hacking sounds and cleaned up the unpleasantness that accompany coughing up a hairball. While hairballs are a common malady among felines, they can occasionally be serious. Here’s what you should know.

    by CatTime
    April 14th

    How To Make DIY Cat Toys For Easter [VIDEOS]

    You don’t have to be a DIY master to be able to make some amazingly simply and fun cat toys for Easter — or any time of year! Here are some DIY Easter cat toys you can make for your furry best friend.

    by CatTime
    April 2nd

    8 Tips For Managing Cat Allergens In The Home

    Whether you get the occasional sniffle or you’ve got itchy eyes and skin rashes, cat allergies can be a pain. But they don’t mean you have to forgo having a feline friend. Here’s a list of tips to manage cat allergens around your living space.

    by CatTime
    March 24th

    Saint Patrick’s Day Safety Tips For You And Your Cat

    There are a few hazards all cat parents should keep in mind before heading out to their Saint Paddy’s Day festivities — and we aren’t just talking about leprechauns. Make sure you keep your cat safe on Saint Patrick’s Day with these tips!

    by CatTime
    March 17th

    Saying Goodbye: How To Make The Most Of Your Pet’s Final Days

    As hard as these final days are, I like to help families find a way to make to make this final walk through life be one that, when reflected on days, months, or even years from now, will leave them with a full heart and allow them to say “the end was as it should’ve been.”

    by CatTime
    March 11th
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