Hypothermia In Cats: Symptoms & What To Do

    If your cat gets outside in cold temperatures, you’re going to need to find them quickly. If they’ve been out long enough, hypothermia could set in. Here’s what you need to know about hypothermia (low body temperature) and how to prevent it from ever happening to your beloved furry friends.

    by Christine McLaughlin
    December 28th

    20 Christmas Kittens Who Are Ready For Santa [PICTURES]

    It’s time for the winter holidays, and what better way to celebrate than with adorable Christmas kittens? These sweet, little furballs are ready for Santa to slide down the chimney with lots of gifts. Here are 20 Christmas kittens who are loving their first holiday season!

    by CatTime
    December 15th

    Top 5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Cat Lovers

    Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with friends and family, and that includes our cats. But some parts of our Turkey Day celebrations just aren’t safe for our feline friends. Before you defrost the turkey and welcome guests, read these Thanksgiving safety tips all cat lovers should keep in mind this holiday.

    by CatTime
    November 24th

    How To Have A Happy & Safe Thanksgiving With Your Cat

    Although holidays often buzz with fun and commotion, they can be scary, or even downright dangerous, for cats. However, a host can make a Thanksgiving Day celebration safe for cats relatively easily with a few simple precautions.

    by CatTime
    November 10th

    The Advantages Of Adopting A Senior Cat

    November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, so it’s a great time to talk about all the advantages sweet senior kitties have to offer! In shelters, older cats are often the last to be adopted, and therefore, the first to be euthanized. So here’s a list of reasons to give that quiet senior kitty in the corner another look.

    by CatTime
    November 5th

    November Is Pet Diabetes Month! Help Raise Awareness

    November is designated as Pet Diabetes Month. It’s a month to help educate pet parents about the symptoms, treatments, and management of diabetes in our furry friends. The goal is to raise awareness and help humans recognize diabetes in their animals so they can seek appropriate treatment.

    by CatTime
    November 3rd
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