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9 Ways You Can Help Homeless Cats During Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Summer is all things sunbeams and glistening lakes, ice cream cones and sunsets. For animal rescue workers, though, this time of year is also the tail end of kitten season.

This is when mama cats across the country have given birth, and thousands of kittens and their mamas make the journey to shelters, uniting with the millions of cats that are already desperate for homes.

Your local shelter has an abundant supply of cute, cuddly, newborn kittens and many gentle, loving, older cats who are already litter trained and just need a place to call home.

That’s why June was declared Adopt A Shelter Cat month. It helps to increase awareness of this problematic time of year, the growing cat population, and spay and neuter campaigns.

It also lets anyone and everyone considering adopting a cat know that there’s no time like the present. But if you’re not ready to adopt, there are a lot of other ways that you can use this month to help homeless cats and cats in need.

Since 1975 the American Humane Association has promoted Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. Nationwide, shelters take part in this cause. With these ideas in mind, now you too can help promote this important month and call your friends and family into to action to help save lives.

Have a great Adopt A Shelter Cat month! Give your kitty lots of love, kisses, and treats!

Will you help get the word out about Adopt A Shelter Cat Month? What other ways can we help cats in need? Let us know in the comments below!


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