New St. Louis Cat Cafe Lets You Have Tea Time With Felines


(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

St. Louis welcomes a new cafe for cat lovers. The Mauhaus Cafe and Lounge is set to open next year and will allow customers to have a drink surrounded by purrs and cuddles.

The cats will come from Tenth Life Cat Rescue and spend some time in a foster home to make sure they get along well with others before they go on barista duty. The cafe will be a soothing hot spot for coffee and tea drinkers who have a love for all things feline, but can’t have cats of their own at home.

Cat cafes started in Japan and gained popularity before moving to other cities around the world. Before Mauhaus opens next year, they’re hoping to put some events together around St. Louis to spread the world. The eventual hope is, of course, for many of these cats to find forever homes. So if you’re looking for love, the coffee shop is a good place to start.