City Council Votes To Remove Browser The Library Cat From The Library

If you’ve gone to the White Settlement Public Library in the last six years, chances are pretty good that you’ve seen Browser the cat. Browser was adopted from an animal shelter and became the library’s unofficial mascot. He spends his days wandering around the stacks of books, attending GED classes, and lying on people’s keyboards when they’re trying to type.

But apparently a cute little kitty rubs some people on the White Settlement city council the wrong way. In a two to one vote, the council voted to evict Browser from his home among the books. At a city council meeting, eight people spoke in favor of keeping the cat, but the feline haters won the day.

White Settlement Mayor Ron White says that the decision is the result of a petty dispute because a city employee wasn’t allowed to bring a puppy to work. It seems odd that a city council, presumably made up of grown adults, would feel the need to take vengeance on a poor kitty that had nothing to do with an unrelated puppy. Mayor White is hoping the council will reconsider their decision at a meeting in July before Browser has to leave his home.

You can let the White Settlement City Council know how you feel about their decision to evict Browser by contacting the City of White Settlement at (817) 246-4971, or you can find the email addresses of all members of the council here!

Do you think the city council should let Browser stay in his home? Would you visit the library more often if there were a cute cat waiting to greet you? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE! The city council voted to overturn their decision about Browser’s residency, thanks in part to the outpouring of support from all over the world! We’re so happy that Browser will be a permanent fixture at the library!

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  • Carolyn Pearl

    As a former resident of White Settlement, I believe the Council members who’ve voted against keeping the cat in the library, are being extremely petty and vindictive. A cats nature, if acclimated to its area, is quiet and watchful. Most dogs, however, require far more attention and hands-on care, having to be frequently removed from its residence for its call of nature. There is a higher likelihood that when a dog is introduced to an area where strangers and small children are present, someone may well get bitten. Even more risk should be assumed in the presence of a long-time resident cat, whose smell may induce excitability in a canine.
    Once again, whoever started this childish, spiteful proceeding should be extremely ashamed of themselves. How much city money was spent on this frivolous case? By that much you should have your salary docked as punishment. What a black eye for the city of White Settlement.

  • Liz Hood

    This seems to be nothing more than petty revenge. The cat is quiet–has a quieting influence on the patrons–and people love him. So now what are they going to do with Browser? Hopefully, someone will take him home–and not take him back to the shelter. We have become a very sad society when the complaint of ONE person can cause so many stupid things to be done. Browser being taken out, no prayers at football games or graduations, etc. Grow up people!

  • Vivian Palmer Harvey

    WHO’se paying you off to kill Browser?

    V Harvey

  • Susan Gallagher

    Ignore the petty pillocks and keep browser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!