Why Does My Cat Keep Knocking Things Over?

Dear Aunt Tabby,

My cat keeps knocking things over. She knocks things off the table. She knocks things off the counter. I work at home and she climbs up on my desk and knocks pens, note pads, and anything she can get her paws on off of the table. What is going on? Is it an accident? Is she clumsy? It’s making me nuts.


My Cat Keeps Knocking Things Over

Tabby’s Advice

Dear My Cat Keeps Knocking Things Over,

Well I can tell you that it’s not an accident and your cat is definitely not clumsy. If a cat knocks something over or off of a counter the cat is usually bored and trying to get you to play with her or him. Your cat may need some extra love and attention. When your cat does this take a few minutes to play and interact with your kitty.

You work at home so you’re around a lot and probably too busy to pay attention to your kitty so she’s just trying to get your attention. Think of it as flirting. Your cat is basically flirting with you when she does this. She’s hoping to get your attention and catch your eye. Give her the attention she’s craving.

Hope that helps!


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