Bobcat Kitten Adopted By Mama Cat Grows Up Happy And Healthy

A woman found a kitten near her home in North Carolina and took it to Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation but it wasn’t a normal kitten… it was a Bobcat kitten. She said that she had seen a Bobcat outside her home but was unable to reunite the kitten with his mother.

The Bobcat kitten was only a few days old and still nursing. Rescuers knew that the best way to save this kitten was to unite him with a nursing mother cat who could properly care for him. That same day the rescue brought in a nursing mama cat with five kittens of her own.

Mama cat (now named Sweet Pea) took to the new kitten right away. The Bobcat kitten called “Bob” began nursing soon after the meeting with his surrogate mom Sweet Pea and rescuers were thrilled. It was a match made in heaven.

Sweet Pea has bonded with the kitten. Rescuers say she’s very affectionate and loving with her adopted kitten.

Bob has been weaned now and rescuers are hoping to be able to return Bob to the wild.

You can visit Sarge’s Animal Rescue on Facebook!

Thanks to LoveMeow for sharing the story!


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