How To Care For Feral Cats In Winter

Susan Pi

During storms and winter months, feral cats will need extra help to stay healthy and warm. Follow these tips to keep your colony safe from the elements.

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Keeping Feral Cats Warm In Winter

Almost anything can be turned into a shelter for a feral cat as long as it offers safe refuge from the cold. From the simple to the fancy, you can buy or even make your own. But whatever you end up using, make sure its dry and well-insulated. Remember:

Feeding Feral Cats In Winter

During cold weather, feral cats require extra calories to stay warm. Many will have a hard time finding enough food to survive until spring. Make sure to either feed more or feed more often. Remember:

Trapping Cats During Winter

As long as you can provide a safe shelter for a feral cat after it’s been fixed, winter can be an advantageous time to trap-neuter-release. There are fewer pregnant cats to deal with, and you’ll be proactively managing your colony’s population before spring, the season when the majority of kittens are born. Feral cats will also be more hungry during winter, so they can be easier to trap. Remember:

By following these steps and being in tune with the needs of the cats, you can help your colony survive comfortably through the cold winter months.


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