Kitten playing with feather toy
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Pet Insurance For Indoor Cats?


I have an indoor kitten and it cost me a fortune to get all its shots and worming.  Do I need pet health insurance for her since she is indoors?


If you think the vaccines were costly, let’s hope your kitty never becomes ill or injured. Our pets can have great veterinary care, but just like our own health care, it can be costly. Insurance is simply a method to budget for the unexpected and provides peace-of-mind knowing you can afford veterinary care when an accident or illness unexpectedly strikes.

Keeping your kitten indoors can certainly help eliminate some common medical conditions, mostly accidental, that often happen to outdoor cats. But accidents can still happen indoors, especially to kittens. Aside from accidents, some common medical conditions that can occur may include : cystitis, GI upsets, ear infections, leukemia and metabolic conditions. Cancer usually occurs in older adult or senior-age cats and is quiet rare in kittens.

The good news is that pet health insurance often costs much less for cats than for dogs because they tend to have less accidents and illnesses. It is a decision you should make based on your risk tolerance, your finances and whether the peace-of-mind knowing you can receive an 80% reimbursement is worth the monthly premium for your kitty.

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