A cat being served food, PetSmart Simply Nourish has not faced a recall in 2024.
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PetSmart Simply Nourish: Has the Cat Food Brand Issued a Recall in 2024?

Cat owners place a high priority on ensuring the health and vitality of their beloved feline friends, particularly when it comes to their nutrition.

In 2024, there is growing apprehension regarding potential recalls involving major cat food brands. Consequently, cat guardians are understandably curious about the safety of feeding PetSmart, a well-known cat food brand, to their pets. Let’s delve into the discourse surrounding PetSmart Simply Nourish’s cat food recall history and the impact it may have on cat owners worldwide.

Has Simply Nourish recalled its cat food in 2024?

For those who feed their cats Simply Nourish PetSmart brand food, it’s important to note that there have been no recalls in 2024. Additionally, there have been no recent reports of illnesses linked to their products. You can confidently give your feline friend PetSmart dry food, knowing it comes from a reputable brand.

However, staying informed is critical. Not all recalls garner extensive media attention. To stay current on the latest cat food recalls in 2024, refer to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website.

When was the last Simply Nourish cat food recall?

Simply Nourish boasts a commendable track record when it comes to recalls. There’s no record of any official recall for their dog foods, cat foods, or treats. However, they did issue a voluntary recall on October 7, 2014, due to potential mold growth. This recall specifically pertained to one flavor of the Beef and Biscotti Dog Treats and did not impact other products in their lineup.

Upon examining its ingredients, the first notable aspect is its all-natural composition, aligning with Simply Nourish’s claim. Each component originates from natural sources, avoiding the inclusion of artificial additives and chemicals, ensuring your pet’s well-being.

Given that cats are obligate carnivores, relying solely on animal sources for their nutritional needs, the emphasis on animal-based ingredients in cat food is crucial. Out of the five listed ingredients, three are derived from animals. Deboned salmon, serving as the primary ingredient, offers a high-quality protein source akin to what we might find on our own dinner plates. While salmon meal and Menhaden fish meal may not sound as appealing to humans, they are nutritionally rich for feline consumption.

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