10 Supplies And Gadgets Cat Lovers Should Buy On Amazon’s Black Friday

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Amazon’s Black Friday is coming up on November 29th this year, and it’s a great time for cat lovers to score some deals.

Are your kitty’s vitamins running low? Are their toys getting chewed up? Or could you just use some new stuff to keep your cat entertained? Well, if you like saving money then don’t miss out on all the great deals for Amazon’s Black Friday.

In fact, you don’t even have to wait until Friday because Amazon already has some deals leading up to the main event. So keep checking back to see if your favorites go on sale.

Whether you want to stock up on supplies, get a treat for your kitty, or find a gift for the cat lover in your life, check Amazon for some awesome deals and steals! Here are a few things every cat lover should be on the lookout for on Amazon’s Black Friday.

1. Toys To Keep Cats Busy

cat laser toy

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If you have trouble keeping up with your extra-playful kitty, maybe they’d appreciate a toy that they can play with on their own. There are plenty of toys like that on Amazon, and some are sure to be on sale during Black Friday.

I recommend the automatic laser cat toy from Pixnor. It’s a fun game for your cat or kitten to play with. This little gadget beams a light that your cat can chase. If you are looking to spoil your kitty, this might be the way.

You can buy it on Amazon and keep checking to see if it’s on sale. 

2. A New Pet Carrier

cat backpack

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Traveling with your cat is always easier if you have a nice carrier. There are tons of them available on Amazon, but you should check for one that has a little bit of storage space for cat supplies and ways to make your cat extra comfortable.

I recommend this Cat Carrier Backpack made from durable, eco-friendly polyester. The next time you take your cat to the vet, you can have your hands free but still hold your kitty. Does your cat like the outdoors? With this backpack, you can take your cat with you for your next hike.

You can buy it on Amazon and check back to see if it’s on sale.

3. Fur Cleanup Supplies

sticky mop

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Is your couch turning the same shade of your kitty’s fur? That can happen. Lots of products can scoop up hair during shedding season, from vacuums to lint rollers, and a lot of those items might appear in Amazon Black Friday sales.

I recommend the Lola Rola Sticky Mop, which lets you clean your couch in minutes! With all the stuff you have to do, who has time for cleaning couches? Now you can get it done in lightening speed! And you’ll still have time to scope more deals on Amazon.

You can buy it on Amazon and keep checking to see if it’s on sale!

4. Cat Furniture

cat tower

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Are you jealous every time you see a picture of cats lounging around on their cat condo? Does your cat simply need more space to climb and play? Is this the year that you will finally wow your kitty–if a cat can, in fact, be wowed?

Perches, cat trees, and cat play places will give your cat somewhere to sit up high and look out over their domain.

I recommend this Cat Condo. If you have wanted to get a cat condo for a while, this can be the year you get one!

You can buy it on Amazon and check back to see if it’s on sale.

5. Things For Kitty’s Skin And Coat

fish oil

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If you’re interested in giving your cat’s fur and skin a health boost, talk to your vet about possible solutions, then check out Amazon’s deals to save some money.

I recommend Fish Oil, as it’s great for the well-being of your cat. It’s good for joints, too, so if your cat is getting up there in years, then fish oil can help keep them moving pain-free. These packets are a great daily addition to your pet’s diet.

You can buy it on Amazon and check back to see if it’s on sale.

6. Stuff To Fight The Litter Stink

litter box liner

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Even if you’re diligent about cleaning the litter box, sometimes the smell is just a little much.

Lots of products can help with that, but I recommend Jumbo Thick Litter Box Liners. This one is jumbo size. Not exciting, but if this is something that you buy regularly, you should check to see if they go on sale and pick some up! This is a great opportunity to stock up on the essentials you normally buy, but on the cheap.

You can buy them on Amazon and check back to see if they’re on sale.

7. A Cat Door

cat door

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Sometimes you want your cat to be able to get in and out of the room without having to get up and open the door all the time. Also, some cats are like royalty. They need to feel special, and an entryway fit for a regal cat is perfect for that.

I recommend the Juegoal Interior Cat Door. This little kitty door that only your cat can fit through is great if your cat needs to move around the house freely.

You can buy it on Amazon and check back to see if it’s on sale.

8. Brain Games For Cats

cat toy

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Cats need mental stimulation. It can help fight stress and boredom while preventing unwanted behaviors like scratching and chewing. Check Amazon deals for some fun games that will challenge your cat’s brain.

I recommend the PetSafe Automatic Cheese Cat Toy. Oh my gosh! How cute is that little mouse head popping out of the cheese? If you are looking for a really cute toy to wrap up and surprise your kitty with, ya gotta get this!

You can buy it on Amazon and check back to see if it’s on sale.

9. Health-Boosting Vitamins And Supplements

cat vitamins

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Vitamins and supplements can give your cat a health boost, and you should ask your veterinarian about which ones might be appropriate. This is a great time to stock up on these items that can get really expensive the rest of the year.

I recommend Duralactin Feline Nutritional Aid. If you’d like to add supplements to your cat’s diet to help with their well-being, this is a great start. Microlactin protein helps reduce symptoms of arthritis and inflammation in joints. Keep your cat moving.

You can buy it on Amazon and check back to see if it’s on sale.

10. Active Play Cat Toys For Bonding

cat toy

(Picture Credit: Amazon)

Automatic toys are fun and helpful, but you should also make sure you’re actively playing with your cat and spending time with them to strengthen your bond.

If you need a few toys for your babies, I recommend this EcoCity Cat Teaser Toy. It’s a very classic feather string toy. These little cat teasers are a great way to spend time together.

You can buy them on Amazon and check back to see if they’re on sale.

For a cat parent the biggest expenses are:

  • Food
  • Litter
  • Vet
  • Cat Furniture
  • Treats
  • Toys

Often in this order. We can’t shop for a vet on Amazon, but I’m keeping an eye out for all the rest on Amazon’s Black Friday. You should, too!

What deals are you hoping to see on Black Friday? Are you getting anything special for your cat? Let us know in the comments below!

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