National Bird Day: 10 Cats Celebrating By Not Eating Birds [PICTURES]

January 5th is National Bird Day! Not to be confused with Bird Day, which is May 4th, or International Migratory Bird Day, which falls on the second Saturday in May. It’s no secret that birds are a favorite hunting target of many outdoor cats. Call it survival of the fittest, or the circle of life. There are many ways to look at it. You do what you have to do to survive.

CatTime would like to honor birds for National Bird Day. Some cats live in harmony with their feathered brothers and sisters. Other cats may watch and admire birds, perhaps for their ability to fly–although, kitties may be looking at them as tasty snacks. Whatever the case may be with the case may be in these pictures, here are ten cats honoring birds and not eating them.

Happy National Bird Day!

If you’ve thought about getting a bird, it’s hugely important to do your homework and understand everything that you are getting into. Many humans buy birds without realizing everything involved in the care of them. That’s especially important to understand if you have a resident feline in the home.

Some birds can only live in pairs. If an owner neglects a caged bird, they tend to tear out their feathers. For some birds, there is no coming back, and they live out their lives unable to grow back their feathers.

National Bird Day was started by activists to bring awareness to the plight of birds in captivity and wild birds that are going extinct.

Beware Of Pet Stores

Like any other animal, some pet store owners put profit above the welfare of their animals, which is why many people refuse to support pet stores–myself included. I’ve seen too many horrible puppy mills and pet stores to ever support them again. Vote with your dollar. I’d rather support cat shelters and dog rescues.

You may be interested to know that there are bird sanctuaries and shelters that will adopt out birds to responsible owners. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, for example, has several birds of different species available for adoption.

As our overpopulated world keeps spinning, birds are losing their habitats. There are 51 bird species in the wild that are critically endangered and 8 of them may already be extinct. Help spread awareness on National Bird Day!

Does your cat love to watch birds fly outside? Do you have a pet bird at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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