The Best Cat Parents [VIDEO]

Great parents are great parents, doesn’t matter if they are human or feline. Cat parents do most of the stuff human parents do, like comfort the kids when they’re scared, keep them safe, and teach them to finish their meals before they go play. These are some of our favorite cat moms and dads from the internet who are bringing their kittens up with lots of love.

No More Nightmares

The poor kitten in this video is kicking and twitching in her sleep, probably having a little kitty nightmare. But mom is there to hug her close and make the bad dreams go away. She snuggles up with baby, and the little one calms down right away before drifting off to dream land again.

Daddy-Daughter Playtime

Marshy is meeting her papa, Jumbo Pillow, for the first time. Jumbo isn’t used to the tiny cat at first, so he gives her a few sniffs and pokes. But by the end they’re hanging out next to each other, swatting at a toy butterfly. Like father, like daughter. The two have come to be best buds, and since they first met, Marshy loves to follow her pops around all the time.

Bath Time

Like any good parent, the cat dad in this video has to make sure the kids stay clean. He’s busy giving them cat baths while mom watches on, making sure the kids don’t escape. No one gets to skip out on bath time. They look like a happy family, though the kittens are anxious to get out and explore.

Learning To Talk

Tiger can’t wait to chat with her babies, but she has to teach them how to talk first. She softly meows to them, teaching them how to speak cat. She seems very happy when she gets a response from her two-weak old kittens. They answer mom’s call with some little mews of their own. They can finally have a nice cat conversation like grown-ups.

Help Me, Momma

The kitten in this video is a little bit camera shy, so she runs off to hide under mom’s legs. Mom gives the camera an icy glare, then lays down to play with her baby. The kitten is much happier when momma is around, keeping her safe. She climbs all over her to play while mom keeps an eye on the scary humans.

Get Down From There!

Kitten is making a break for it, but her escape is not a smooth one. She struggles to climb out of the box to go exploring, but she hasn’t learned to move with the grace of a full-grown feline. Mom comes in for the rescue. She grabs the kitten, making sure she has a safe landing.

Clean Your Plate

It’s dinner time, and momma cat makes sure that her baby is helping to finish what’s on their plate. The kitten sits between mom’s legs and does her part to finish her dinner. But her mom has her trapped, so she couldn’t get away if she tried. It’s important for a growing cat to eat so she can grow up big and strong. Mom knows that.

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