10 Things Every Cat Owner Knows That Other People Just Don’t Get

Having a cat in your life is a continuous learning experience. Other people just don’t understand all the things a cat owner knows.

When you share your whole world with a tiny, purring ball of fur, you start to see things a bit differently, and you become a better person for it.

Here are ten things every cat owner knows that other people just don’t get.

1. Everything You Have To Do Today Can Wait


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You’re just about ready to get up and go do things, but your cat has other ideas. They’ve just jumped on your lap, curled up, and started purring.

Oh well, I guess the other stuff you had to do today isn’t that important. Have to go to the bathroom? You’d be surprised how long you can hold it when your cat is on top of you. Have to write an email? Not with your cat curled up on your keyboard.

Everything can wait. Love and attention comes first.

2. Chores Can Always Get More Difficult


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Cleaning up around the house is a bummer, but having a cat makes it seem like you’re doing chores in “challenge mode.”

All those fresh, warm clothes from the dryer that are free of cat hair are about to get re-furred when your cat lies on them. Making the bed is extra difficult when you have a kitty darting under the sheets.

And vacuuming? Well, that’s just the scariest thing in the world.

3. The Best Things In Life Are Cheap


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We’ve all bought a new cat toy, or a cat carrier, or a perch that took us hours to build only to find that our cats prefer the regular, ordinary box that it came in.

The best things in life need not be the most expensive. Sometimes a few pieces of cardboard, or a crumpled up piece of paper, or a bug flying around the room can be even more fun.

4. You Should Never Underestimate The Power Of Nap Time


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Cats can teach us a lot if we pay attention, and one of the most important lessons is that you should never miss an opportunity for a nap.

After all, you may need to wake up in the middle of the night and run around from room to room for no reason. Or you may need to wake up at the crack of dawn to demand food.

Sleep is fleeting, and the best way to make sure you’re getting enough beauty rest is to nap.

5. Your Stuff Isn’t That Important


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You may have spent years decorating your home, placing heirlooms in sacred, prominent spaces, setting up flower vases, and making it all look perfect.

But that means nothing to a cat.

Your kitty will be happy to redecorate by knocking things off shelves, breaking your fine china, and teaching you the lesson that your material possessions just aren’t that important. It’s a tough lesson, but a good one.

6. Privacy Is Overrated


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We humans tend to be very precious about our bathroom time, but when cats want to be with us, privacy means nothing.

You can try to shut the door on your cat when you have to do your business, but be prepared for some angry meows and some claw swipes from under the door.

And what’s the big deal about a pair of eyes watching you at your most vulnerable anyway? Everybody poops.

7. Cats Are The Best People


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You’ve probably gone to a party and thought, “I’d rather be at home with my cat.”

Don’t feel bad. It’s just because cats are better people than people are.

Your cat has never let you down, or canceled on plans, or locked you into a conversation you really don’t want to be a part of. So long as you show up, your cat loves having you around.

There’s no judgment–just love.

8. Sharing Isn’t Just Caring, It’s Mandatory


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When a cat comes into your life, you’ll quickly find that your stuff isn’t your stuff anymore. It’s your cat’s.

Any rules you thought you’d have–like keeping your kitty off the furniture–go right out the window.

And that’s a good, humbling lesson to learn. Your world no longer revolves around you, and that will make you a more compassionate person.

9. Snuggling Is Life


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You can go out and travel the world, see all kinds of things, and experience everything under the sun, but nothing compares to getting back home and cuddling with a cat who loves you.

It’s the best thing in the universe to hold a creature you love and know by the soft purrs and snuggles that they love you back. That’s what life is all about.

10. Love Is Earned


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Cats don’t just give away their love to anyone. You have to prove yourself worthy by being a provider, not just of food or shelter, but of comfort and care.

You have to give love to get it, and cats never let you forget that lesson. But once you get love back from your kitty, you’ll know that you actually earned it.

If your cat thinks you’re deserving of love, that’s all that matters.

What other things do you know that people who don’t own cats just won’t understand? Let us know in the comments below!