Cat Toy Gifts

There are few things more amusing than watching a feline seemingly twist herself into pretzel as she tries to get the better of an otherwise innocuous object. Here are five items to give her with countless hours of self-entertainment.

BlockParty 3-Pack Kitten Rattle Ball

There’s something to be said for simplicity. Consider the SmartyKat BlockParty Rattle Ball, a soft ball shaped like a square that rattles when shaken. At least that’s how humans see them. For felines, however, they must be relentlessly pursued, bitten, smacked with paws, chased across floors, cornered, and punished (not in that order). The BlockParty’s soft-fabric construction ensures no gets hurt, and the soft rattle is an excellent way to pinpoint your cat’s location when she’s playing with it (although it can interfere with human sleep time).

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Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer

Watch your cat dash, dive, and pounce through the air while frolicking with the Cat Charmer toy, an interaction your cat it sure to enjoy. The durable polycarbonate wand has a brightly colored fleece ribbon-like attachment, which is designed to provide aerobic exercise along with hours of entertainment for your cat, kitten, and even your child. The Cat Charmer will make your senior cat feel like a kitten and turn your lazy cat into an athlete. Available in a variety of different colors.

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Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit Value Bundle

Honor your cat’s unique sense of smell, touch, and taste. Set them on an incredible sensory journey with the interactive Catit Senses Value Bundle. The Catit Senses Massage Center incorporates a gum stimulator, a ripple massager, and massaging body-stroke groomers. The Catit Senses Food Maze features side cutouts (to encourage pawing), and food tray with varying levels of difficulty. The Catit Senses Play Circuit, with numerous layout possibilities, includes a peek-a-boo track, which enables kitty to chase and swat the enticing swirled ball. All three Catit Design Sense products come with individual acupressure mats that provide pressure-point massage.

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Kong Refillable Catnip Toys

Directions: (1) Open handy Velcro closure. (2) Pour enclosed North American catnip into toy pouch. (3) Close durable Velcro strips. (4) Reseal catnip vial. (5) Grab smartphone; navigate to video function. (6) Press record. (7) Present Kong Refillable Catnip Toy to cat. (8) Record cat as she alternates between hugging the supple toy, biting it wildly, and batting it repeatedly across every imaginable surface of your house. (9) Laugh wildly. (10) Send sensational cat video to your friends (interested or not). (11) Repeat as necessary. Catnip may be stored in freezer. Toy is machine washable. Available in several cuddly varieties.

Available at: Amazon | Kong | PetSmart

SmartyKat CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel

Cats are curious creatures, and what better way to satisfy that instinct than a seemingly endless tunnel that makes a crinkling sound with her every step? Introduce her to the 9.5-inch diameter entrance to 35-inch long SmartyKat CrackleChute’s Collapsible Tunnel lined with a soft noise-making surface. A convenient hole in the tunnel’s side provides a convenient entry point, and also creates a discreet sleeping area when the unit is placed vertically on one end. The tunnel also collapses for easy out-of-the-way storage or transport.

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