Other Cat Gifts

These miscellaneous items cover everything from grooming to dental hygiene to keeping your cat’s claws sharp (and away from the furniture).

C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats

One of the most overlooked facets of pet care is dental hygiene, and gum disease is one of the biggest health hazards. Failure to take care of a cat’s teeth can shorten her life and result in a big teeth-cleaning vet bills. The Oral Hygiene Kit includes a finger brush, tooth brush, and toothpaste so you can get your feline on her way to a clean, healthy mouth. Brushing a cat’s teeth can be a challenge, but the toothbrush is designed for a cat’s smaller mouth and isn’t as invasive as other brands.

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FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats

Unless you own a Sphynx or hairless cat, you must deal with your feline’s habit of dropping fur wherever she goes. While no product prevents a cat from shedding, attacking the root of the problem with regular brushing helps immensely. One of the most effective brushes to root-out cat hair before it falls out is the deShedding tool. Even with a few short (stimulating) strokes on your cat, it’s amazing how much hair is collected. Available for different cat sizes and hair types.

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When a cat grooms herself, the hair collected on her tongue ends up in her stomach, where it is passed in the litter box or spit up (the latter usually someplace humans don’t want it to go). Vetoquinol/Tomlyn Laxatone helps prevent spit-ups and can help feline constipation issues — plus, the oral gel’s flavoring lets kitty take it on her own terms and avoid force-feeding sessions that seemingly turn into steel-cage death matches. Available in different flavors and a cat-treat version.

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Litter Trap Mat

Our cats bring us years of love, laughter, and enjoyment. Unfortunately, litter box mess generates countless hours of cleanup. The thousands of tiny, litter-attracting loops of the Pruven P LTM 1824 T Litter Trap Mat reduce litter box tracking by a whopping 99 percent. The open-web technology whisks litter away from the top surface. It’s amazing something so soft and pleasant to kitty’s paws can be so effective. To clean, the mat may be rolled up and taken outside to shake, hand-rinsed with a mild detergent, or simply vacuumed. Available in two sizes.

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SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Help your cat relieve their innate desire to scratch with this post by SmartCat. At 32 inches high this post is tall enough your cat will be able to get a full vertical stretch in, and it’s anchored by a 16-inch square base to prevent tipping. Built with a woven fibrous material, the post is durable and sturdy — allowing for both the physical and mental stimulation of your cat. It’s also a true furniture saver (some assembly required).

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