Over-the-Top Cat Gifts

There comes a time when we spoil our cats, and while these five items may seem extravagant (each one has a $100 starting point), they’re also practical and contribute to your feline’s well-being.

Cat Condo and Litter Box Cabinet

If you live in small dwelling space, the litter box can become a big problem. Consider the Cat Condo Litter Box Cabinet as a solution. Made of stained and lacquered eco-friendly hardwood (with espresso or mahogany finish) and a waterproof floor, this sturdy piece of furniture is an ideal place for Fluffy to take care of business. Suggested for single- and small- to medium-size felines, the unit comes complete with a spring-loaded top hinge for easy access, and easily houses an 18.5 by 15.2-inch litter pan. By Crown Pet Products.

Available at: Amazon | PetSmart | Sears

Designer Cat Tree

Finally, a designer tree to withstand the test of time. Made in the U.S.A. by Cat Palace, these cat tree houses are handcrafted from mature dragonwood trees. These designer habitats enable active cats to feel as though they are exploring the great outdoors, inside the safety and security of a home. While some pet trees are a bit of an eyesore, these habitats, made with natural branches, leaves, and lichen bark, actually look attractive in any living room. Several options available, from small houses to larger, more interactive trees. Your cat’s charming, extra sturdy habitat will arrive completely assembled.

Available at: Cat Place

Gel-Pedic Orthopedic Pet Bed

For the ultimate in comfort for your cat, take a look at Gel-Pedic Pet Ped. Unlike most pet beds that use ordinary cushions, Gel-Pedic’s are anchored by a memory gel foam that not only molds to your kitty’s body shape for a comfortable custom fit, but it also keeps her warm or cool depending on the climate and your feline’s body temperature. Made in the U.S.A., these beds come in a variety of sizes with different washable cover colors.

Available at: Beyond Beds

Go Pet Club 77-Inch Cat Tree

Incorporate this huge, stylish cat tree into your home décor to give your feline the ultimate hang-out spot. Kitties will not only enjoy climbing, playing with dangling toys, and scratching on the rope-covered posts, they’ll find plenty of rest spots, including two perches, two baskets, or two condos built into the structure. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree will be your cats go-to spot for play and relaxation and it’s an excellent product for single or multiple cats.

Available at: Amazon

Home of Habitat Haven Pet Enclosures

Lethargy, weight gain, and anxiety can be signs of cat stress due to indoor confinement. Felines are now able to experience the safety and security of home, while exploring the outdoors. These are not the traditional cages, pens, or cat runs of the past — they are complete, expandable cat enclosure systems. Built to enhance cats’ lives, Home of Habitat Haven Pet Enclosures provide controlled environments, free from predators, falls, and street traffic. These secure, escape-proof systems come in several varieties, complete with 2 by 2-inch rust-resistant galvanized mesh, maintenance-free cedar wood, and non-pinching locking mechanisms.

Available at: Habitat Haven

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