Top 10 most popular cats of 2013

Last year, the Maine Coon was the most-viewed cat breed on This year, however, the feline (and four other 2012 position holders) fell out of the top 10. Here are the 10 cat breeds who got the most page views on in 2013 (in ascending order):

10. Tonkinese: A cross between the Burmese and Siamese, the Tonk demands attention, and won’t rest until she gets it; she is not a cat who’s content to stay home alone all the time. (2012 rank: 10)

9. Siberian: An affectionate long-haired feline, the Siberian’s not needy and will wait patiently until you have time to devote to her; she also likes to play with water. (2012 rank: 9)

8. Turkish Van: This mostly-white feline’s changing nose color displays her current emotional state (if it turns red, she’s upset); she also loves water, so make sure to keep the toilet seats down. (2012 rank: 29)

7. Persian: A sedate feline who prefers a serene home where little changes from day to day, the Persian is known for her round head, short face, snub nose, and chubby cheeks. (2012 rank: 19)

6. Bombay: A cross between black domestic shorthairs and the Burmese cat breed, these miniature black panthers enjoy “fetch,” love learning tricks, and playing games. (2012 rank: 18)

5. Abyssinian: Of all the cat breeds, the Abyssinian climbs higher, jumps farther, and plays harder; she’s perhaps the one who lives life to the fullest. (2012 rank: 7)

4. Ragdoll: Notable for collapsing into the arms of anyone who holds them (even if they’re cradled on their back), Ragdolls are docile, but that doesn’t mean they’re inactive. (2012 rank: 2)

3. Burmese: The “copper cat” of Burma doesn’t know the meaning of privacy, as she’ll want to be involved in everything you do — from working at the computer to preparing meals. (2012 rank: 16)

2. Siamese: Talkative and opinionated, this loyal and loving feline is agile, athletic, highly intelligent, and loves to play…she’s also prone to pout and pine if given little or no attention. (2012 rank: 8)

1. Bengal: The Bengal cat looks like she belongs in the jungle, with her distinctive fur patterns; nothing scares her (certainly not dogs), and she’ll make friends if they don’t give her any trouble. (2012 rank: 5)

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