abraham lincoln statue and cat
(Picture Credit: Westend61/Chris Winsor/Getty Images)

Meet The Cats Of 5 High-Powered World Leaders From History

Socks the Cat, the First Pet of President Bill Clinton and First Wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, with black fur, white face, and amber eyes, seated at the tall leather chair behind the President's desk in the Oval Office, looking out into the room, Washington, District of Columbia, January 7, 1994. Courtesy National Archives.
(Picture Credit: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Cats do well in high places, so it’s no wonder they’ve often been seen at the side of history’s most powerful people.

Behind every great leader, there’s probably a cat plotting total world domination — in a most adorable way.

Here are a few cats who stood by some of the world’s most high-powered people throughout history.

Cats have always been symbols of power in human history, and nowadays they rule the internet!

Who’s your favorite powerful feline? Do you think more world leaders should have cats by their sides? Let us know in the comments below!

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