Careers with pets?


Does it make sense to embark on a new career where I can work with animals, especially during hard economic times?


Career opportunities with animals continue to grow and expand, even during hard economic times. Pet owners know that pets are part of the family, which means that the majority of pet owners will dote on their dogs and cats. They will spend money to take them to a doggie daycare center. They will hire pet trainers to tame negative behaviors, dog walkers and pet sitters when they are at work or on vacation, and relocation workers when they move. They buy clothes for their dogs, and will even purchase homemade treats for their pets at pet bakeries and pet stores. The opportunities are numerous and broad in scope. It’s not unusual switching from a position in the corporate world to a career with animals.

In these tough economic times, it’s pleasing to talk to people who love their work. Their enthusiasm is contagious. The majority wake up eager to start their work day. In my book, The Everything Guide to Working with Animals, I interviewed hundreds of professionals who work with animals. Everyone from animal behaviorists to zoologists share stories about their work.

They all have similar traits. Obviously, they all love animals. Plus, they have good people skills, and volunteering is a big part of how they got started

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