Cat with cables
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How To Keep Your Cat Safe From Cords, Wires, & Cables

Cat with cable
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One of the most overlooked safety concerns when it comes to living with cats is the abundance of cords and cables all around the house.

Of course, our cats love to play with cord-like things, and some even enjoy having a good chew on them. That puts our cats in danger. Cords can break into small parts that can be swallowed. Electrical wires can cause electrocution and even present a fire hazard.

But with a few simple steps, you can make sure your cables, wires, and cords are not a danger to your kitty. Here’s what you should know to keep your cat safe.

What Cords And Cables Should I Be Concerned About?

Cat and cables
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In the modern world, cables and cords are everywhere, so start by making note of things like laptops, internet router boxes, and phone chargers that are connected to outlets in such a fashion that they could be a menace to your cat.

While wireless headphones are starting to become standard, old-fashioned headphones with cords can also endanger felines, especially inquisitive ones who might decide to chew through them, potentially exposing themselves to ingesting the metal wires inside.

During the holidays, make sure any electric Christmas lights are out of the reach of your cat.

In the non-electronic world, the cords that open and close blinds are also a potential danger to your cat, especially if they look like playthings that could be batted about or chewed.

How Should I Safeguard My Cables From My Cats

Cat with cables
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Ideally, go wireless! Computer mice and keyboard cords can be eliminated by switching to wifi accessories — and we all know how much cats love to try and lounge around on top of keyboards.

If wireless isn’t an option, make sure you never leave devices plugged in if they don’t need to be. Pack up and roll up cables and chargers and store them somewhere a curious kitty will not be able to finagle their way into.

Stores specializing in home organizational goods also sell solutions to help you manage and package up the many cords that are all around us these days.

Protective cable covering, or even aluminum foil tape wrapped around a cable, can also deter particularly persistent cats from tampering with your cables.

Pet stores also sell certain products to deter pets from chewing. There are sprays that deter cats and a few that coat surfaces in a foul-tasting covering. They might help.

Of course, if your cat regularly chews and swallows objects that are not food, including cords, your cat may suffer from a condition called pica. You should see a vet if that’s the case. Your cat may need medical treatment or training, which could reduce chewing behaviors.

What About Cords Attached To Blinds?

Cat with blinds
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When it comes to cords that you use to operate blinds, tie and wrap them high up away and totally out of your feline’s reach.

Serious injury or worse could happen if your cat gets caught up in the cords.

Another option is to go with cordless blinds. These are growing in popularity and won’t have any dangly strings to tempt your cat.

Has your kitty ever chewed on cords? Have you discovered a fail-proof way of keeping your cables out of your cat’s reach? Share it with us in the comments below!

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