A siamese cat is sitting on the windowsill, and a black dog is trying to catch it.
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6 Cat Breeds That Behave A Lot Like Dogs

There’s always been a clear division between cat people and dog lovers. Cats and dogs are stereotypical opposites and classic cartoon enemies. While most people think of dogs as social and eager to please, cats are seen as aloof and overtly independent.

For better or worse, the two make very different pets, and it’s natural that some people are drawn more to one than the other. However, some cat breeds defy all stereotypes and frequently make their humans ask, “What do you think you are? A dog?”

Certain breeds act more canine than feline with traits like sociability, increased need for affection, an affinity for water, playing fetch, greeting their humans, and even learning basic dog-like commands — all things that most cats just don’t seem to have the time for!

Here are six cat breeds that tend to act more like dogs.

While there’s a “typical’ personality for each breed, it’s important to keep in mind that every cat is an individual. Personality traits and behaviors may vary from cat to cat. You might find a Turkish Angora who hates water or a Ragdoll who can’t stand being touched.

Overall, you must get to know your pet and to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible so that their true personality can shine through.

To find out more about different cat breeds check out our CatTime Breed Center.

Do you have a cat at home who acts more like a dog? What’s your cat’s breed? Let us know in the comments below!

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