June Is Adopt A Cat Month: 10 Ways You Can Help Homeless Cats

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Summer is all things sunbeams and glistening lakes, ice cream cones and sunsets. For animal rescue workers this time of year is also “kitty season”. This is when most mama cats give birth and thousands of kittens and their mamas make the journey to shelters, uniting with the millions of cats that already desperate for homes. Your local shelter has an abundant supply of cute, cuddly, newborn kittens and many gentle, loving older cats who are already litter trained and just need a place to call home.

That’s why June was declared Adopt A Shelter Cat month. It helps to increase awareness of this problematic time of year, the growing cat population, spay and neuter campaigns and to help get the word out to anyone and everyone considering adopting a cat that there is no time like the present. If you’re not ready to adopt there are a lot of other ways that you can use this month to help homeless cats and cats in need.

1. Visit Your Local Shelter’s Website

Check out the available animals and volunteer opportunities. Do they have a wish list? They often have a link somwhere to a wish list of items they are in need of. Whether you wish to donate old blankets or purchase pet food, anything you can give will be much appreciated by your feline friends.

2. Get Involved

Become a volunteer and spend some time cleaning cages, feeding, playing with or simply snuggling a shelter cat. If you reach out to local shelters and rescues they will be happy to put you to work. Let them know what interests you and what you are able or willing to do. They need you and the work is the most rewarding work you’ll ever do.

3. Share Homeless Cats On Social Media

You can like or follow a local shelter and rescues on social media, then share their posts about cats in need and help spread the word to your friends and family. Who knows? You might just help find a cat his or her forever home without ever logging off your computer.

4. Foster A Homeless Cat

Fostering a cat is always a great option if you are unable to commit to a forever cat. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see how your current pet or pets might react to a new member of the family. Also, if finances are an issue the rescue pays for all the medical expenses of your foster cat and often food and supplies for their foster animals, so you wouldn’t incur any finincial responsibilities. If you go on vacation, the rescue will help find a cat sitter or move the cat into a new foster home. It really is a carefree cat companion option for those who aren’t sure they could handle the oblications of permanent cat parenting.

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5. Educate Your Children

If you have kids, it is never too early to teach your kids about responsible pet ownership. Teach them about why it’s important that all cats be spayed and neutered and help them to get involved volunteering or rasising money to donate to shelters and rescues.

6. Take In A Neighborhood Stray

Maybe you have noticed a stray cat in your neighborhood, you can to a trap – neuter/spay – return aka TNR. If you reach out to rescues in your area, someone may be able to help with this. It’ll help keep the cat populate in your neighborhood from going through the roof. Then you can put out water and food for the stray kitty to make sure that he/she always has fresh water and food.

7. Help Educate Others

Help educate others on the importance of Adopt A Cat month and kitten season and share about how they can help. Sharing post like this one with educational information on social media can help get the word out to others about how important it is to spay and neuter and to always adopt a cat from a reputable shelter or rescue. Did you rescue a cat? Share your story online. It really helps to raise awareness.

8. Get Involved In Community Card Programs When Shopping

When you are out shopping, keep in mind that stores like Ralphs are part of community network programs that yield returns from every purchase you make to the non-profit of your choice and that you can go line and register your card so that the money donated goes to a cat specific resuce organization. It won’t cost you a thing!

9. Microchip, Spay & Neuter All Of Your Pets

Spay and neuter your kitty cats! (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

The best way to keep animal populations down is to spay and neuter all of your animals. Encourage friends and family to do so as well. Make sure all of your pets have proper identification tags and microchips, that way if they get scared by 4th of July fireworks, they won’t end up in a shelter, they’ll be returned promptly to you for the that added love and support they’re going to need after a traumatic event like that.

10. Donate Money

The simplest and easiest way, if you can afford it, to help homeless cats and kittens in your area is to donate money to a reputable rescue or shelter. It really is the best way to help next to adopting.

Since 1975 the American Humane Association has promoted Adopta Cat Month. Nationwide, shelters take part in this cause including the ASPCA, with their Adopt A Shelter Cat Month Event. With these ideas in mind, now you too can help promote this important month and call your friends and family into to action to help save lives.

Have a great Adopt A Cat month! Give your kitty lots of love, kisses and treats!