8 Cats Who Love Fish In Honor Of ‘Go Fishing Day’

Cats aren’t always big fans of water. But some of them will brave those fears to be with their fishy friends. Cats are known to love fish, whether they’re watching them, playing with them, or eating them. So to celebrate Go Fishing Day (June 18, 2018), we’re showing off some of the cats that just can’t help their love for fish.

1. Casey Gets Too Close

Casey lacks the grace and balance that many felines have, but that won’t stop him from getting up close and personal with his fish pals. Unfortunately, he leans in a bit too far and tumbles tail-over-whiskers into the tank. Maybe, for a minute, he thought he was a fish and wanted to join the fun.

2. Kitty Slips For Fish

The pond is frozen, but this cat is still eager to pounce on the fish swimming safely beneath the surface. The cat slides along the ice as the fish taunt him with their fishy ways. I guess this feline will have to stick around until spring before he gets his chance at revenge.

3. Oscar The Grouch

This cat is enjoying the heat lamp but the Oscar fish would like to take a bite!

4. Cat Bath With Big Fish

Sometimes the fish has to wait in the bath while you clean his tank. It’s a perfect time for some cat-fish bonding. The kitty decides to join his fish brethren in the tub, and the two seem to get along just fine. The fish swims around the cat’s legs, and the cat gently pets him as he goes by. Bath buddies for life.

5. Viiru Verily Mesmerized

Viiru is a big fan of the fish show going on before him. It seems like he could watch fish all day. He sits patiently as they gather around in front of him, then swats at the glass, sending the fish darting away. The fish don’t seem to hate it, as they keep coming back for more.

6. Street Cat Lands Lunker

This cat is used to fending for himself, and he demonstrates that with his expert angling abilities. He stalks his prey before scooping up dinner, lightning fast. This scrappy feline walks away with a decent-sized catch that will certainly keep his belly full for a long time.

7. A Feast For Two

These kitties hit the mother load. It’s a plate full of delicious sardines, which they’re all too happy to chow down on. They devour dinner one fish at a time, taking almost a half hour to finish the meal. So watch this video all the way to the end if you have literally nothing else to do for a while. That kind of feast calls for a long cat nap.

8. Timo Kisses A Koi

Timo loves his Koi buddies, and even gives one a kitty kiss as he swims up to the surface. The cat has been friends with the fish since he was a kitten, often petting them with they drift past. He loves his aquatic friends so much that he even watches them on television. It’s a sweet interspecies friendship that reminds us we can all be friends… with fish.

We hope your cats enjoy fish today in any way they like! Let us know how your cat likes to spend time with critters of the deep on Twitter @cattimedotcom!


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