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Can Cats Detect Cancer In Humans?

Can cats detect cancer in humans? Some think so.

Elizabeth Moore was buying food for her cat, the first time she saw some newly rescued kittens. They were playing in an enclosure in her veterinary clinic, while being closely watched by their mother. She stopped by a few more times and watched as the enclosure full of kittens and a mama dwindled down to just one kitten.

The last one of the bunch was now a five month old Tortie named Lucy. Moore heard the kitten calling to her, so she walked over to see what this little girl had to say. Lucy had a lot to say and Moore listened. She was surprised to hear one of the staffers say that the last kitten was never vocal, because she just heard her. This kitten tugged at her heartstrings and the following day, Lucy was on her way to her new home.

She was a perfect fit. Everyone loved Lucy and Lucy loved everyone. She also became fast friends with Toby the tuxedo cat. Moore described Lucy’s transition to their lives as seamless, though some of her friends questioned Lucy’s existence because she keeps herself out of sight when others visit. Torties can be possessive of their humans and elusive to others.

Everyone fell into a routine. And one morning during their usual snuggle Lucy’s behavior was different and she pressed her head into Moore’s left breast. Moore didn’t think anything of it until the following day when Lucy repeated the exact same behavior again.

That is when Moore did some feeling in the area and felt the lump in her breast. After spending a day at the Sydney Breast Clinic, her worst fears were confirmed. Elizabeth was in her first surgery by the end of the week. She spent months, getting more surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and 8 months later and she was cleared for work. Did Lucy’s cat detect cancer? Can cats detect cancer in their humans?

Lucy the cat was in tune with her mistress. She knew something was off and alerted her in time and Moore feels strongly that Lucy saved her life. She certainly sped up the discovery of her cancer and the earlier cancer is detected, the better the chances are of having a positive prognosis.

Canines are the ones usually credited with cancer detection in humans. This is one very special feline.

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