International Cat Day: 6 Best Ways To Celebrate All Things Feline

Image of siamese cat playing with globe.

(Picture Credit: SergeyNivens/Getty Images)

August 8th is International Cat Day! Cats and cat lovers of the world, unite!

International Cat Day began in 2002, created by IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, whose mission is to “rescue and protect animals from around the world.”

How are you going to celebrate people’s favorite pet? Here are some ideas!

1. Get Your Hashtag Ready

cats on international cat day

(Picture Credit: Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

If you’re a cat lover — and I know you are! — you’ll want to participate on this special day by dedicating your social media to cats!

Use #InternationalCatDay across all social networks when sharing your fave cat pics and videos with the public.

You may just get some likes, shares, and follows from cat lovers all over the world!

2. Throw An International Cat Party

cats in costumes

(Picture Credit: Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

This day is about celebrating cats from all over the world. Of course, the internationally recognized way to celebrate any occasion is with a great party!

Invite quiet kitty loving friends from foreign lands, turn on the nature channel, and have exotic treats ready for when your cat makes their grand entrance.

Of course, remember to social distance with any humans who may be present this year. And remember, there’s no shame in taking the party online for a feline Zoom session!

Click here for tips on how to throw the best cat party ever!

3. Call Your Cat New Fancy International Names

cat in pirate outfit

(Picture Credit: VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO/AFP/Getty Images)

There’s no harm in giving your kitty friend a special international nickname for the day. It’s also a good time to learn some words in other languages, or even a translation of your cat’s real name.

For my guy, Whiskers, I’m going to call him Bigotes (Spanish for “whiskers”) or Barba (Spanish for “beard”). And just FYI, “Tiger” is “Hu” in Chinese, and “Neko” is “cat” in Japanese! Awesome!

Find name translations for your kitties. They may be a little confused at first but will probably just go with it. Cats are great like that!

4. Visit Your Local Cat Shelter In Person Or Online

cat at cat cafe

(Picture Credit: Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Shelter cats are always looking for forever homes, and your local cat shelter is a great place to adopt a new best buddy!

A lot of shelters have procedures for operating during the pandemic, so call ahead make sure you know what to expect.

And if you want to be extra safe, check out the cats at your shelter online. That way, you can pick out the kitty you want to meet ahead of time or even share some of the other kitties who are looking for homes on your own social media pages.

5. Get Ready For An International Cat Agility Tournament

cat jumping through hoop

(Picture Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Have you heard of International Cat Agility Tournaments? If not, you have a lot of work to do.

A lot of tournaments are cancelled or postponed this year, but that’s no reason to slouch when next year is right around the corner!

ICAT says to play with your cat every day. Start there. Then work in the fiery rings and balance beams.

If you have a social, athletic kitty, a tournament would be a fun place to meet fellow cat lovers. Maybe you’ll even make an international friend!

6. Have A Cat Nap!

cat taking cat nap

(Picture Credit: John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Your cat will be so happy if you curl up and snooze the day away with them. Cancel everything!

Dream of cats in distant lands while cuddling with your favorite cuddle partner.

Visit International Fund for Animal Welfare, too. They’re the people who created this cat holiday. They do amazing work. You can find out about what’s going on with cats all over the globe, sign petitions, and donate to their great cause. Save the cats!

Are you celebrating International Cat Day with a feline you love? How else can people show their love for cats? Let us know in the comments below!