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National Cat Day: Check Out 10 Loving, Amazing Cats To Celebrate! [VIDEOS]

Cat lovers rejoice because October 29th is officially National Cat Day! It’s the day to celebrate all the things we love about cats.

Whether it’s with their adorable purrs, their cute eye blinks, their hilarious antics, or their cuddly personalities, cats make our lives better every single day. Use this day to spoil your kitty with extra love and affection to show them just how much you truly care for them.

In honor of this special cat holiday, here are ten cats who will remind you just exactly why cats are so amazing.

1. Kitty Can’t Stop Purring

This kitty is so happy that it’s contagious. He can’t stop purring because he’s getting a personal massage from his human.

His human rubs his nose, his head, and his neck, making him close his eyes in happiness. The cat is so happy he starts licking the person’s fingers, pushing his head against him as he continues to purr.

The motor on this cat never stops running. He sure has a content life. Oh to have the life of a cat. Having a personal massage therapist seems pretty nice if you ask me!

2. Amazing Fence Balance Skills

While some people will actually pay money to learn balancing techniques with gymnastics or yoga, this cat was born with the ability. This fluffy kitty is able to perfectly balance himself and walk along a skinny fence, and let’s just say this guy is not the skinniest of cats.

He walks along the top of the fence effortlessly, making us humans look clumsy in comparison. The ability cats have to balance on practically anything is truly amazing to watch because they make it look so easy.

If only it were just as easy for us.

3. Acrobatic Cat Jumps In Slow Motion

This cat’s acrobatic skills are off-the-charts intense. He loves to jump, so his human set up a toy hanging from the ceiling. He then set up a slow motion camera to capture his kitty in action.

Over and over this cat jumps into the air to reach for the toy. It’s amazing to see the flexibility of his body in slow motion. The way cats can bend and twist and jump is like no other creature.

He stretches into the air so naturally. And of course, he always lands on his feet.

4. Affectionate Cat Rubs Human’s Leg

If you have a cat, the affectionate rub on the leg is something you definitely have experienced. And, it’s something that makes you love cats even more.

Many cats, like this one in particular, love to rub against our legs, and we, of course, find it extremely cute. It’s adorable how this kitty keeps pushing his head into his human’s leg, showing his affection and love. He keeps going and going and never quits.

The leg rub is a cat’s signature way to our hearts.

5. Loving Cat Slowly Blinks

When a cat blinks at you, it’s not only extremely adorable, but it’s actually their way of telling you that they love you and that they feel comfortable being around you.

This cat loves her human so much that she gives him nice, slow, prolonged blinks. Her face says it all. If you look at this cat and don’t fall apart from being overwhelmed with cuteness, well you’re more immune to cat blinks than me.

Try blinking at your cat to see if they blink back.

6. Cute Kittens Meow For Dinner

One of the reasons people fall in love with cats is because of their adorable meows. Meowing is extremely cute, but what’s even cuter is multiple kittens meowing all at once.

There’s nothing like the high pitch meow of a tiny, precious kitten. And if you take that one meow and multiply it by five, then you definitely have got a cute video.

These kittens are hungry, so they start meowing at their human for dinner, who decided to pick up the camera because it was so darn cute. The little squeaks of their meows are to die for.

How could you not fall in love with these kittens?

7. Cardboard Box Play Time

Cats and cardboard boxes; there’s no greater pairing. Who needs the toys that came in the box when you can just play with the box itself?

All cat parents know the hardships of having a cat and having a spare box in the house. The box immediately goes from the recycling bin to being another toy for your cat.

This human has turned a spare box from Build-A-Bear into a game of peek-a-boo. Yang the cat defends the “castle” from sibling Cream. It’s the simple things, like boxes, that make us love cats.

8. Kittens Climb Woman Like A Tree

First of all, what person wouldn’t want a bunch of kittens to climb them like a tree? Being a cat means having the ability to pretty much climb anywhere you want.

Cats climb the sofa, trees, our beds, and more at their own will. Whatever it is, they will climb it, including us humans.

These cats are so ecstatic to see their human friend that they not only run over to her, but they actually start climbing her like a human tree! To some, this may seem burdensome; to cat lovers, it’s a dream come true.

9. It’s Stretching Time

Cats are very stretchy creatures who enjoy continually stretching throughout the day. To cats, it’s just a natural habit, but to us humans, it’s so adorable that we have to take photos of it as it happens.

This video features all of your classic cat stretching positions, including the body bridge, arching the back, stretching while walking, and stretching while sitting. See if you can do any of them yourself.

10. Fluffy Kitty Kneads Her Human

Mitto the cat loves to knead, and it doesn’t matter the location. She especially loves to knead her mommy and is constantly kneading on her stomach on a blanket.

Mitto is very gentle and would never harm her human because she loves her, hence the kneading. The kneading motion of cats is yet another adorable natural trait that we humans cannot resist.

This kitty loves to shower her mom with love and affection. What a sweetheart!

What are your favorite things about cats that we should celebrate on National Cat Day? What does your cat do that makes you say, “Awww?” Let us know and leave a comment below!

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