A woman cuddling cat after feline was reunited with family.
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Cat Reunited With Family 11 Years After Going Missing

It’s amazing how often lost pets turn up years after they go missing. Take, for example, a cat reunited with his family 11 years after going missing.

Florida family reunited with missing cat

According to FOX 35 News, Florida resident Angela Green was “devastated” when the family cat, Derek, disappeared over a decade ago. So, imagine her surprise when she received a call recently stating that her feline family member was at the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Animal Care and Protective Service Officer Krystal Alfredson was the one who left the message for Green. Someone reported a sick cat, and Green responded. The cat in question was microchipped. However, outdated registration information led to a dead-end.

But Alfredson didn’t give up. The microchip led her to the Jacksonville Humane Society. That organization shared the original registration information from 2010. While the phone number was not in service, Alfredson found Green’s current digits using the address on file.

“Officer Alfredson left a message describing the cat and provided information and where the kitty was being held for reclaim,” ACPS wrote in a Facebook post.

When Green arrived at the Jacksonville Humane Society and saw her cat, she was shocked.

“We are so happy and feel (unbelievably) lucky to have him back,” Green said.

Green’s family has since adopted another cat, Cedric, since Derek went missing. Apparently, the two cats are getting along well. And Green’s 13-year-old son now has double the feline friendship!

“Derek now gets to live out his life back in the place where he was raised and with a family who still loves him to this day,” ACPS said.

How to prevent your cat from going missing

Derek was a lucky cat in the sense that he was reunited with his family. To prevent the heart-wrenching experience of a missing cat, there are several proactive measures you can take. First and foremost, ensure your feline friend has a properly fitted collar with identification tags that include your current contact information. However, since collars can sometimes be lost or removed, it’s essential to go one step further and microchip your cat. Microchipping greatly increases the chances of a happy reunion in case your cat goes missing. Make sure you update your contact information on the microchip registration every time your address or phone number changes.

Additionally, consider keeping your cat indoors. You could also provide them with supervised outdoor time, either in a secure enclosure or on a leash. Regularly inspect your home’s windows, doors, and any potential escape routes, ensuring they are secure and cat-proofed. Finally, establish a routine for your cat’s feeding, playtime, and mental stimulation to keep them content and less likely to wander off. By taking these preventative measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of your cat going missing and ensure their safety and well-being for years to come.

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