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Missing Cat Reunited With Parent 11 Years Later

One of the most heartbreaking things a cat parent can experience is losing their feline friend. It’s a scenario that strikes fear into the hearts of those who cherish their whiskered companions. But one woman who thought she lost her fur baby forever was recently reunited with her kitty – a full 11 years after the cat went missing!

Missing cat found after 11 years on the street

According to the BBC, Daisy is a cat from the UK. Shortly after her family relocated from Dorset, England, to Caerphilly, Wales, in 2012, Daisy disappeared.

Years passed. Then, last week, Sexton received a phone call from a veterinarian in Caerphilly. Concerned locals brought in a cat who had been living as a stray for over a decade. They were afraid the cat wouldn’t survive another winter outdoors. The cat was sneezing and wheezing. Her fur was “totally matted.”

During an exam, the vet determined that the cat had the flu. The vet also scanned the cat for a microchip. The registration information directed the vet to Sexton.

“I’m still in shock,” the 43-year-old cat mom told The Guardian of reuniting with her cat.

Daisy is now 17 years old. While she was technically a feral cat after so many years on the street, her cat mom says she is still “very loving” and desires a lot of attention.

“She’s survived all this time and now in her final days she finally comes back to us,” Sexton said. “Hopefully she can live out the rest of her days with us.”

Cat to meet fellow felines soon

As soon as she has fully recovered, Daisy will reunite with her cat sibling, Dory.

“It will be really interesting to introduce them again,” Sexton said. “I wonder if they will recognize each other.”

She’ll also meet Tillie and Sparkle, two cats who joined the household after Daisy’s departure.

Sexton indicated that Daisy’s days of wandering outside may be over. She “might have to be a house cat” going forward.

“I don’t want her to go missing again,” she said.


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