A tortoiseshell cat, similar to the one who got adopted in Maryland after her shelter shared a funny post on Facebook.
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Cat Adopted After Maryland Shelter’s Funny Ad

A cat in Maryland has found her forever home after her shelter shared a hilarious and honest Facebook post last month. The Humane Society of Washington County shared details on Quinn, a tortoiseshell cat who was brought to the shelter as a stray back in August, according to Fox News. In the post, the organization described the feline as “a more lively houseplant” who needs a human only “for food, water, and changing her litter.” The shelter posted an update on Dec. 1 that Quinn has been adopted, although “she’s not happy about it.”

Cat’s quirky traits revealed in funny adoption post

The shelter’s Facebook post began with three hilarious questions: “Do you want a cat who doesn’t want you? Do you crave the feeling of being judged in your own home? Do you need someone who will slap you back into reality without notice?”

“If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the cat for you!” the post reads. The Humane Society then introduced Quinn, describing her as a cat who’s “not for everyone.”

“Tired of visitors coming to your house? Adopt Quinn! She has an uncanny ability to make people feel unwelcome in her presence!” the shelter continued. They also mentioned that the cat likes to play only “about once a month.”

What’s more, the shelter shared a few conditions for the cat to be adopted. “Quinn would challenge any dog to a fight. For the dog’s safety, it’s best she goes to a home without any canines.” Moreover, the tortoiseshell kitty does not get along with small children and “is not a fan of anything except Churu/Lickables.”

The post has garnered massive attention, with many users praising the shelter’s quirky description of the cat. “What terrific description and marketing of beautiful Quinn. I’m sure her servant is out there somewhere,” one user wrote. “Best description of a cat ever,” another commented.

Some users were delighted to find out that Quinn found a forever home. “I’m so happy Quinn has found her servant,” one user mentioned. “Everyone needs someone that lets them be themselves.”

“I see she’s been adopted!!!! That warms my heart!” another cat lover said. “Thank you to whoever she now owns and please take very good care of her.”

At this time, the organization has not shared details regarding Quinn’s new family.

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