A cat, similar to the obese feline who was recently adopted in Virginia.
(Photo Credit: Peter Dazeley | Getty Images)

Obese Shelter Cat Finds Forever Home

An obese cat in Virginia who weighs 28.5 pounds has been adopted, reports Daily Mail. The 2-year-old feline, named One Frosty Too Many, was brought to the Richmond Animal Care & Control shelter earlier this month by someone who saw him on the street. The organization later put up a Facebook post saying the cat was up for adoption.

Cat with ‘the best belly in town’ adopted

In the social media post, the shelter said, “You KNOW we love a cat with a belly, and lord almighty this one has the best belly in town.” They described him as a cranky cat and said the feline “will be happier” once he loses some weight. “Other than that—he’s perfect!”

A few days later, Maggie Thompson came across the post while on her way home and decided to adopt the feline, as per Daily Mail. On the way, she managed to convince her husband, Mike, following which the family visited the shelter.

“I thought, ‘Oh, I want that cat.’ He got on my lap and started purring,” Maggie said. Continuing, she shared, “With animals, they pick you. You just know when it’s right, and they do, too.”

The family already has two other felines, Wolfie and Rosie, who are about one year old. “They weigh under seven pounds each — less than 14 pounds together,” Maggie said. “But I had a feeling they’d all get along fine and become friends.”

Maggie filled out her adoption forms and proceeded to take the feline home. However, the shelter had to put the cat in a dog crate since he wouldn’t fit in a normal cat carrier.

“We put him in the back of the car, and he didn’t protest at all. He was a good rider and was pretty quiet the whole trip,” Maggie shared.

Since then, Maggie has renamed the cat. “We’ve decided to call him Gus. That’s what he looks like to me.” She added, “I now call him Gussie, and he responds well to that.”

The cat is currently on a strict diet as the family looks to cut down his weight. “We’ll be putting him on the scale every week, but we love him no matter what he looks like,” Maggie added.

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