Sam Richardson at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony. He recently revealed his cat's reaction after he won the award.
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Sam Richardson Shares His Cat’s Reaction After Emmy Win

“Ted Lasso” star Sam Richardson recently revealed that his cat puked in his shoes after his Emmy win during a pre-show interaction with E! News, (per People). The actor laughed about the incident, describing it as “a humbling experience.” During his Emmy acceptance speech, the TV star further said he’s looking forward to spending some quality time with his pet.

Sam Richardson’s cat doesn’t ‘treat’ him differently after Emmy win

Richardson said his feline, Conan O’Meowan, is “the ultimate grounder” and that he doesn’t “treat” the actor “any different” since he won an Emmy.

He further spoke about his love for his pet, saying, “that cat, he’s my familiar.” Richardson added, “And we talk. I talk to him, he talks back.” During his acceptance speech, the actor shared that he plans on spending more time with his beloved feline and he’s excited to “go for a swim.” Speaking about his Emmy win, Richard said, “Honestly, it felt so phenomenal. I really didn’t think it was gonna happen so I already told myself, ‘Don’t worry about it.'”

“And in the middle of ‘don’t worry about it’ they said my name,” he continued. “And I was like ‘This is the only thing I care about thank you very much.'”

“Nothing has ever felt like that before in my life. I’m truly amazed,” Richardson added. He further said the award “means the world” to him. “Some of my best friends wrote [Ted Lasso] … so it’s nice to come back to family.”

Sam Richardson’s role in ‘Ted Lasso’

Richardson plays the billionaire Edwin Akufo in “Ted Lasso,” a man with a passion for football and a volatile nature.

Both the character and RIchardson’s performance received widespread critical acclaim. The series has garnered a strong fan following and is widely regarded as one of the finest TV shows of the decade. The ensemble cast features actors like Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, and many others.


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