A black cat, similar to the one who was rescued after being stranded on top of a utility pole in Wisconsin.
(Photo Credit: Theresa Donahue McManus | Getty Images)

Cat Stranded on Utility Pole Rescued

A cat in Wisconsin has been rescued after being stranded on top of a utility pole, reports The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The black cat was stuck on the pole for about three days. After several neighbors heard the feline and spotted him atop the pole, they reached out to We Energies, the local natural gas and electricity service provider, who rescued the pet.

Cat rescued from utility pole using harness

Greg Stuckert, a We Energies employee, said he used a harness to rescue the feline from the utility pole. The crowd below watched anxiously as Stuckert scaled the pole. As he got to the top, the feline sniffed him and instantly took a liking to him. Subsequently, Stuckert got hold of the cat and put him in a yellow bucket, following which the two returned to the ground.

“Everything for me is about my safety,” Stuckert shared. “Trying to sneak up the best I could to make that cat feel comfortable, so it doesn’t attack me.”

Emilie Rackovan, a local resident who works with Urban Cat Coalition, said she came across a Facebook post while she was on her way home. “I work in cat rescue specifically and so I literally flipped my car around and came over here.”

“I tried to climb onto the shed to see if I could get him, but he’s just too far off,” she added.

Stuckert shared with ABC affiliate WISN News, “They’re more scared than we are. They just want to be safe.”

Continuing, he added, “You don’t know how they’re going to react. But again, you saw how that one was more than happy to see me, so that was pretty easy.”

Rackovan later expressed her gratitude to the company for rescuing the feline. “We are so thankful that they came out,” she said. “And quite literally almost like risked their lives to get this cat down.”

She later managed to track down the pet’s owners, but unfortunately, they won’t be able to take him back. As such, the feline will likely be taken to a local rescue and could soon be available for adoption.

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