A courtroom, similar to Oxford Crown Court, where a woman was accused of live-streaming the killing of a cat before she went on to murder a man.
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Woman Live-Streamed Killing of Cat Before Murdering Man

Scarlet Blake, who’s accused of murdering 30-year-old Jorge Martin Carreno in Britain, allegedly live-streamed the killing of a cat months before the incident. She was formerly known as Alice Wang. According to Sky News, Alison Morgan KC, the prosecutor, said Blake “had a fixation with violence” and wanted to know “what it would feel like to kill someone.” Carreno was killed in July 2021, and Blake was charged with murder two years later in August 2023.

Scarlet Blake captured cat before torturing and killing them while live-streaming it

The prosecutor told the court Blake managed to capture the cat using a crate and food before torturing them. Morgan said that in a graphic video, the defendant is heard telling the feline, “Here we go my little friend. Oh boy, you smell like s***. I can’t wait to put you through the blender.”

Subsequently, she went on to dissect the cat using “a scalpel blade and handle.” She then proceeded to remove the animal’s fur and skin. Later, she placed the cat’s body in a blender. According to BBC News, in the video, she’s smiling while committing the act. She’s also heard saying, “Well I wonder where I learn to do this to a person.”

Blake also briefly talks about the critically acclaimed Netflix true crime documentary, “Don’t F*** With Cats.” It is about a man named Luke Magnotta who killed several cats before brutally murdering a Chinese student. In addition, the clip features New Order’s “True Faith,” a song that Magnotta also plays in the background while live-streaming his murder.

“This is not simply about killing a defenseless animal,” the prosecutor told the court, as per Sky News. “Its relevance to this trial is the defendant’s overall demeanor.” Morgan further shared that the graphic video clip “shows [Blake] to be someone who had a disturbing interest in what it would be like to harm a living creature.” Continuing, she added, “What it would feel like to cause suffering before taking a life away.”

The prosecutor also remarked the defendant “boasted” about the act with others. Blake reportedly told them that she would like “to open up a person like her ‘little cat friend.'” Blake, however, continues to deny the murder of Carreno.

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