Donna Kelce shared that Jason and Travis Kelce — boyfriend of Taylor Swift — had a childhood cat.
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Super Bowl Champion Travis Kelce and Brother Jason Loved Their Childhood Cat

Donna Kelce, the mother of Jason and Travis Kelce, has shared an important fact about the brothers’ childhood. Travis Kelce, whose team — the Kansas City Chiefs — won Super Bowl LVIII, had a childhood cat. He and Jason — who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles — both loved their cat, Flash, according to their mom. 

Jason and Travis Kelce’s childhood cat

Travis Kelce has been in the spotlight all season due to his ongoing romance with Taylor Swift. However, not many people knew that the Kelce brothers had a childhood cat named Flash. In Donna Kelce’s words, “We had a cat growing up. It was fun with Flash.” 

Moreover, Donna shared details about how Flash was a beloved cat. Flash wasn’t just a cherished part of the Kelce family, he was also the ideal companion for the future football stars. Donna recounts, “They loved Flash because Flash was an athlete. Let me tell you, that cat was amazing.”

Donna Kelce cheered on her son Travis’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, as they won their third Super Bowl title on Sunday, Feb. 11. In addition, she celebrated on the field with Taylor Swift, Travis’ girlfriend, after the victory. 

Travis Kelce and his family’s feelings toward Taylor Swift’s famous cats

These days, the Kelce household is currently cat-free, but there’s a chance that might change due to Travis’ relationship with cat mom Taylor Swift

In December 2023, during a bonus episode of the podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Jason’s wife Kylie revealed her desire to bring a cat into their home. She shared she really wanted to get a cat, but Jason shut it down. She further added, “But I have a feeling you might be more open to the idea now.”

Kylie’s playful hint likely references Travis’ connection with Taylor Swift. Swift is famously passionate about her own trio of cats – Meredith Gray, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button. 

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