Feral Cats Napa County
(Photo Credit: Boris SV | Getty Images)

Feral Cats Are Taking Over Napa County

Numerous feral cats roam freely along Salvador Creek in Napa County, California, near the ongoing construction of apartments at the northern terminus of Valle Verde Drive. People often observe these cats among the trees and grasses in the area. Additionally, some volunteers leave food and water for them.

Several dozen cats live near Salvador Creek, Napa

Plenty of cats with various coat lengths, colors, and patterns live along Salvador Creek in Napa, behind the construction sites of apartments, as Press Democrat reports. Notably, the significant number of cats within the approximately ⅛-mile loop is striking, totaling at least several dozen. According to estimates from many individuals walking the Salvador Creek trails, the population is believed to be around 65 cats. 

Neena Heitz, a volunteer from Wine Country Animal Lovers, usually sets up five feeding stations for the cats around the creekside. 

Heitz says that she faces opposition from neighbors for feeding the cats. However, according to her, the objective behind feeding these cats is establishing routines that render them more amenable to trapping. Eventually, this will facilitate spaying or neutering procedures and any other necessary medical attention for their welfare.

In addition, providing regular meals to the cats also serves to reduce their hunting of birds and rodents. Hence, it will mitigate potential issues for the residents in the area, as hungry cats are more likely to be disruptive while seeking food. 

Heitz also noted that the feral cat colony in the area is the largest she has encountered. Moreover, their population has been steadily growing over the years. One of the major reasons behind this growth is people abandoning unwanted cats in the area.

The continuous initiatives to spay and neuter the feral cat population in Napa have resulted in around 50 cats already undergoing the procedure, identifiable by a notched ear. However, these efforts face disruption due to the growing number of abandoned cats. 

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