Old cat laying on a red cushion with eyes closed, a cat groomer's gift moved a grieving cat owner to tears
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Groomer Gives Woman Heartfelt Gift After 21-Year-Old Cat Dies

Sometimes, receiving heartfelt gestures from people can mean the world to a grieving pet owner. Page, who recently lost her 21-year-old cat named Alibi, was lost for words when Alibi’s longtime groomer gave her something special to help remember her late feline companion, with the thoughtful gift moving many TikTok users to tears.

After senior cat dies, woman receives surprise gift from longtime groomer

According to Newsweek, Page had — for the past four years — taken her senior cat, Alibi, to the same groomer. Alibi struggled with cleaning herself, and would often end up with knots on her fur. Thankfully, this would get sorted during her grooming visits.

Over the years, Alibi and the groomer formed a great bond. Interestingly, the groomer didn’t have a pet client as old as Alibi, which made her cherish their connection even more. Unfortunately, the groomer also knew her oldest client wouldn’t be around for much longer.

So, she decided to create something personalized from the hair she trimmed off Alibi: heart-shaped and star-shaped fur balls along with other cute ornaments bearing Alibi’s fur.

When Alibi died toward the end of January, the groomer gave Page her gift package. To Page, it seemed so unreal that someone would go over and beyond to make something so uniquely memorable in honor of her beloved feline.

An emotional Page took to TikTok to share a video of the groomer’s gift package. Her caption read: “Please Ignore how I look — I let myself ugly cry here but I have never been so moved by something in my entire life.”

Watch the touching video below:


Please ignore the way I look — I really let myself ugly cry here but I have never been so moved by something in my entire life #petloss #cats #grief

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TikTok users flooded the comment section to condole with Page and applaud the groomer for her thoughtfulness.

One user wrote: “The amount of love that was put into that gift.”

Another shared: “Crying with you. What a thoughtful and sweet gesture. Alibi was surrounded by lovely people.”

A third person commented: “This is the sweetest grief gift I have ever seen. She really loves you and Alibi.”

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