A cat lying on a table at the vet, UK cat owners will pay a fine for failing to microchip their cats
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UK Cat Owners Must Microchip Pets to Avoid $640 Fine

Cat owners in the United Kingdom are now required by law to microchip their cats. Otherwise, they face hefty fines. Under this new law, all households should have their cats microchipped by June 2024. This law will come into full effect on the said month.

All pet cats must be microchipped by June 2024

Sun News reports that all cat owners must microchip their felines before Jun. 10, 2024. The U.K. government enforced this new requirement to make it easier to reunite lost cats with their owners. Mandatory microchipping will greatly help in identifying lost cats and returning them to their rightful owners.

Additionally, this requirement will have a positive impact on the stray cat population in the U.K. With the law in place, the number of lost pets who end up as strays will ultimately decrease.

Furthermore, mandatory microchipping will significantly lower the operational strains that animal shelters across the U.K. face. By having all cats fitted with microchips, shelters will not face overwhelming overcrowding and financial challenges arising from housing and caring for lost pets brought to their facilities.

UK cat owners to face $640 fine if feline isn’t microchipped

Any cat owner in the U.K. who won’t have microchipped their feline before the set deadline will receive a $640/£500 fine. According to Metro News, there are more than 11 million pet cats in England alone. Unfortunately, nearly 2.3 million lack a microchip.

In 2016, the U.K. government put in place the mandatory microchipping law for all household dogs. Now, cat owners have to comply with the same law that governs dog owners.

As part of compliance with this new requirement, every cat owner should keep the information on the microchips updated. For example, if one relocates to a different address, it’s their responsibility to ensure their vet updates these new details on their cat’s microchip.

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