Multiple cats looking into the camera, like the nearly 300 cats rehomed by the BC SPCA
(Photo Credit: Photo by Laurie Cinotto | Getty Images)

Almost 300 Cats Rehomed From ‘Overwhelmed’ Man in Canada

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) in Canada is working on raising funds to temporarily house and care for nearly 300 cats rescued from an overwhelmed owner.

Reports say the owner of the 298 cats — among them 15 pregnant felines — called the BC SPCA to report that he could no longer bear the burden of caring for all the cats.

Animal welfare helps rehome abandoned cats adopted by Canadian man

According to The Guardian, Bruce Robinson took in dozens of abandoned cats during the pandemic. As years went by, the feline population grew with every litter born. After losing his job, it became quite challenging for him to care for and provide for the cats, saying they required about 28 kg of cat food daily.

Robinson shared that he adopted the cats because he “wanted to give them a safe home.” Unfortunately, it reached a point where he sometimes had to forgo his own meals to afford food for his many felines.

“I made a bad decision…” Robinson stated. “I thought I could handle the cats.”

Luckily, the BC SPCA came to his aid and helped remove the cats from his home. Eileen Drever, a BC SPCA official, acknowledged Robinson’s predicament, stating: “You know, he had a huge heart, and he was caring for them.” Continuing, Drever added: “They just kept multiplying. One cat can have three litters in a year.”

Drever expressed amazement at how social the cats were and the fact that they all seemed to be in good condition, despite the challenges that Robinson faced.

Now, the animal welfare charity is trying to raise funds to purchase the necessary supplies, pay for vet bills, and find a space where they can keep the cats in the meantime. The goal is to eventually put the felines up for adoption. But before this happens, each cat has to undergo evaluation by a veterinarian. They also have to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

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