A cat on the fence, similar to the house cat who was mistaken for mountain lion in California.
(Photo Credit: Svetlana Popova | Getty Images)

‘Hefty House Cat’ Mistaken for Mountain Lion in California

California residents recently experienced a moment of apprehension following a warning from the police regarding a mountain lion sighting. However, their concerns were quickly allayed when it was revealed that the sighting was actually a large house cat. The South San Franciso Police Department issued a statement clarifying the situation.

California residents alarmed about mountain lion sighting

On March 26, a South San Francisco resident reported to the police that they had observed a mountain lion on a Ring camera, as the New York Post reports. The animal was prowling along their fence line. 

Upon arriving at the location, officers conducted a thorough search of the area. However, they found no evidence supporting the resident’s concern regarding the presence of a mountain lion. 

Additionally, South San Francisco is accustomed to the presence of mountain lions. Therefore, local residents remain vigilant due to their prevalence, with an estimated 4,500 of these large cats found across the state. 

Police confirm reported ‘mountain lion’ was indeed a house cat

The police shared an announcement on social media. They wrote, “We were able to confirm the Big Cat was not a mountain lion,” police announced on social media.” They further reassured the neighborhood that there is no potential threat and that the roaming animal is just a big domestic cat

Moreover, some social media users found humor in the situation. California residents who have seen mountain lions made light-hearted remarks about the Ring camera footage. They said it was clear from the video that the animal wasn’t a mountain lion.

While human encounters with mountain lions are infrequent in California, attacks can occur. 

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the most recent documented attack occurred in September 2022. A mountain lion bit a 7-year-old at Pico Canyon Park, situated in Los Angeles County.


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