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Matt Damon Reveals His Cat Is a Rescue From Costa Rica

Hollywood star Matt Damon recently shared a touching and intriguing story about his beloved pet cat, a rescue from Costa Rica. During an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Damon opened up about his furry friend’s journey. The cat went from being a stray in Costa Rica to becoming a cherished member of his family. The feline has also gone through some health scares.

Matt Damon’s ‘cool cat’ was a stray in Costa Rica

During his time on the show, which was later shared on the series’ official TikTok account, Matt Damon recounted his encounter with a stray cat. It happened during his month-long stay in Costa Rica, and led to an unexpected addition to his household.

Initially just a stray Damon fed during his stay, the actor realized upon his departure that he couldn’t leave the cat behind, given the bond they had formed. “We were like, this guy’s gonna die now. He’s relying on us,” Damon said, explaining his decision to bring the cat back with him to the United States.

However, the cat’s transition to his new home was not as smooth as anticipated. Shortly after settling in, the cat received a diagnosis of brain cancer, leading to a series of radiation treatments — per Parade Pets.

The cat received a grim prognosis, and went through a concerning phase of losing weight and “walking in left circles” upon moving to New York. However, the cat’s condition took a positive turn thanks to a treatment suggested by a cat neurologist named Chad. The neurologist advised trying steroids for the cat, a decision that, two-and-a half-years later, has left the cat thriving, much to Damon’s relief and surprise.


Matt Damon shares an incredible story about the cat he adopted from Costa Rica. #Colbert

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The revelation led to an amusing response from the audience and viewers online. Many expressed their desire to see a photo of Damon’s resilient, and now muscular, pet. The humorous narrative, combined with the emotional rollercoaster of the cat’s health scare, made for an inspiring story from Damon.

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