A white kitten with gray ears, like the kitten who was found wearing strawberry dress.
(Photo Credit: Halfpoint | Getty Images)

Kitten Wearing Strawberry-Patterned Dress Found in Massachusetts

Authorities in Everett, Massachusetts, are currently seeking the owner of a kitten discovered in a neighborhood driveway while wearing a strawberry dress. The police are appealing to the public for any information regarding the owner of the adorable feline.

Police looking for owner of kitten wearing strawberry-patterned dress

As per NBC Boston, Everett Animal Control shared a Facebook post on Monday, April 8, featuring a picture of the kitten in a white dress adorned with several strawberries. The shot showed the white-colored cat with gray ears gazing directly at the camera.  

The caption for the post read, “FOUND KITTEN- WEARING A STRAWBERRY DRESS.” Additionally, it said the mature kitten was “found curled up in a driveway near the Parlin School,” according to People.

Anyone with any details about the cat’s owner has been encouraged to reach out to the Everett Police Dispatch at (617) 387-1212. They can also email an ACO (Animal Control Officer) at [email protected]

As of Tuesday, April 9, the social media post had garnered over 250 shares. Moreover, concerned users expressed their hopes for the cat’s reunion with its family. 

In addition to the image, the organization posted a video featuring an officer holding the cat dubbed “Strawberry.” The officer speaks tenderly to the kitten, telling her that she is safe in their care. The post presents a clearer look at the kitten’s dress also, asking, “Does anyone recognize it?” 

It further elaborates, “She adores lounging in the ACO’s lap, gently grasping their hand with her paw until she receives some affection. This affectionate kitten must surely be missed by her family.” Lastly, the post reiterated the methods to reach out and reclaim the pet. 

There has been no ownership claim for the feline yet. However, many individuals have offered their homes for the adorable kitten if the owner doesn’t step up.

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