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Shelter Pauses Cat & Kitten Intake Due to Deadly Viral Infection

Guilford County Animal Services is pausing the intake of cats and kittens due to the spread of a highly contagious viral infection. The North Carolina shelter noticed some cases of FPV among stray felines they brought in from another shelter. Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) can prove deadly if not diagnosed and treated on time.

Highly contagious viral infection forces North Carolina shelter to pause kitten and cat intake

Recently, a Guilford County shelter brought in stray cats and kittens from a Jamestown shelter. Some of them were diagnosed with a deadly viral infection, leading to the animal shelter’s pausing of feline intake. The feline panleukopenia virus is highly contagious and can spread simply through shared living spaces or litter boxes. So, the North Carolina shelter was forced to pause taking in new cats and kittens, fearing they would contract the same.

Due to the FPV cases, all cats in the Guilford County Resource Center facility must undergo a ten-day quarantine. Since the viral infection can be fatal to cats and kittens, the shelter must also take proper precautions to ensure they make it through safely and healthily. Fortunately, there are vaccines for the feline panleukopenia virus.

The viral infection will only affect kittens and unvaccinated cats. Moreover, most of them won’t show any signs of FPV. Those exhibiting symptoms may experience a mix of the following: diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, fever, dehydration, and lack of appetite. However, in worst cases, the virus can also lead to the sudden death of the affected feline, per Fox 8.

The incubation period of the feline panleukopenia virus is about 14 days. The viral infection is commonly known as feline distemper. Since the virus can survive for years in places that have been contaminated, it is best to vaccinate your feline friends to prevent them from contracting the same.

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