Taylor Swift performs at Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium on June 07, 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tortured Poets Department outfit/costume for Taylor Swift Eras Tour.
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Cat Owner Recreates Taylor Swift Tour Costumes for Her Pet

A cat owner and her feline friend have been going viral for their gorgeous recreation of Taylor Swift’s costumes for her Eras Tour. Making the outfits from scratch, Cindy Park uses her kitty as the model to showcase her excellent crafting skills.

Pet parent recreates Taylor Swift Eras Tour costumes for Swiftie cat

Cindy Park from Portland, Oregon has a Swiftie for a pet, who loves dressing up and being the center of attention. Taylor Swift’s love for cats is well-known, and this particular feline fan loves wearing costumes that resemble the singer’s Eras Tour outfits.

9-year-old Badger is a beautiful rescue cat who is a true fan, listening to Swift’s songs and getting excited. However, along with her beloved pet, Park is also a Swiftie. After watching the iconic tour, what caught the pet parent’s eye was Taylor Swift’s stunning outfits throughout her performances.

One of the first thoughts that came to Park’s mind was how her rescue cat would enjoy dressing up in Taylor Swift costumes. Thus began their Instagram journey of recreating the singer-songwriter’s looks, which they regularly update as Swift introduces new outfits to her tour. Since the chances of finding the costumes for her kitty were quite low, Park started making the outfits from scratch.

Every cat parent knows it is impossible to have felines do something they don’t enjoy. Therefore, lots of treats are involved in the photoshoots. However, Cindy Park told People that Badger enjoys dressing up and posing. He allows his human to put on the outfits and even cooperates with her.

Badger has eight siblings, and all of them are rescues and foster fails. Other than him, another rescue cat, Ellie, also enjoys dressing up, whom Park likes to call her “spicy meatball.” While Ellie might be more chatty than Badger, she is adorable nonetheless.

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