Two 8-week-old black and white kittens on a bed.
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2 Kittens Found Abandoned in Sealed Plastic Bag on UK Beach

On June 9, a cat rescue took in two kittens found abandoned in a sealed plastic bag on a beach in the United Kingdom. The 11-week-old felines were rescued by a walker in Penzance, Cornwall. The passerby took them to a vet and then handed them to the rescue to be properly cared for.

11-week-old kittens abandoned in sealed plastic bag on UK beach

Sally Olford from Sally’s Cat Rescue took two abandoned kittens in on Sunday, who were rescued from a sealed plastic bag. Unfortunately, someone had cruelly dumped them at only 11 weeks old. The felines were luckily found and rescued by a passing walker. Moreover, they promptly took them to a vet to get them checked up.

The two kitties are brothers, and sadly, one of them has a heart murmur. Olford’s rescue is raising funds to arrange a heart scan for the feline. Moreover, the cat rescue owner noted that this incident was cruel and could have been avoided. The person could have left them somewhere public with a note.

If the kittens had not been rescued on time, they would surely have died in the sealed plastic bag. She also told BBC, “This was someone who just wanted to end their lives and get rid of them.” The felines spent about a week at the vet before Sally’s Cat Rescue took them in. Olford noted that the little ones are a “bundle of joy” and a delight to be around, wondering why anybody would abandon the kittens in the sealed plastic bag.

In a similar case, three kittens were abandoned in a sealed cardboard box in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. They were also found by a passerby who was walking their dog. What’s worse is that these kitties were only a week old and hadn’t even opened their eyes. Unfortunately, one of them passed away, per BBC.

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