Fat ginger cat, much like the one who became a TikTok star due to their weight loss journey, sitting on a window.
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Cat ‘Axel’ Becomes TikTok Star During Weight Loss Journey

A Canadian cat has been stealing hearts on TikTok with his inspirational weight loss journey. The feline Axel weighs 43 pounds and is working hard on it with his human. He goes by the name “Axel aka Biggie Smalls” on all his social media accounts, with more and more people coming back to check out his progress every Friday.

Canadian cat ‘Axel’ on weight loss journey gains massive following on TikTok

A cat is on a journey to lose weight, and the internet is cheering on him to reach his goal. Axel was rescued by Kristine Seguin in early 2024, who immediately put him on a diet because he was very overweight. Seguin noted that he was about four times the size of an average cat, restricting him from living a normal life. While their main focus is losing weight, the end goal is for the feline to be able to jump on things as most kitties would.


It’s your favourite day of the week! Biggie’s weigh in Friday!!! Can you believe we are almost at our first 10lbs lost??? I better get planning! We need to be ready to celebrate in a week or so! #chonkycat #fatcatsoftiktok #fatcat #catsoftiktok #rescuecat #orangecat

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The pet owner told CTV News Ottawa that Axel can get “hangry” sometimes. There have been instances when the cat swiped food from his siblings or clawed her, but that doesn’t slow down their weight loss journey, which TikTok loves. Seguin posts a range of videos for animal lovers, like “weigh in Fridays,” which their followers enjoy as they get to see Axel’s progress. Overall, the TikTok account has over 128,000 followers and 2.6 million likes, with some videos gaining as many as 11 million views.


Axel went back downstairs again ? it’s actually really amazing he was able to make it down the stairs but carrying him back up is hard on the back.

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The cat owner isn’t really sure how Axel got as big as he is currently. However, she suspects it might be due to overindulging in human food because he refused to eat cat food when she first adopted him. Moreover, the feline tends to beg for human food quite aggressively, especially if it contains cheese.

With a combination of exercise and a special diet, Kristine Seguin and Axel are now on a successful weight loss journey, as the kitty has already lost about 10 pounds. The duo has been working on it since February this year, and with the progress the feline is showing, it won’t be too long before he reaches his goal weight.

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