Multi-colored tabby cat, similar to the one who survived a 12-story fall in Minneapolis, Minnesota, wearing a cone and rehabilitating at the animal hospital.
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Minnesota Cat Survives 12-Story Fall From Apartment Balcony

A cat has miraculously survived a fatal 12-story fall from an apartment balcony in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Reportedly, someone might have thrown the feline out of the balcony. Several witnesses reported seeing an individual toss the one-year-old kitty out. However, it is unclear if authorities are looking into the incident. CBS News reported Minneapolis Animal Care and Control noted that they had “no reason to believe it was a criminal act.”

Cat reportedly thrown from balcony in Minneapolis, miraculously survives 12-story fall

On June 24, a one-year-old tabby cat, Rue, had a near-fatal 12-story fall from an apartment building in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and somehow survived it. She fell from the balcony all the way to the pavement below. Unfortunately, the feline broke her front legs and fractured her lower jaw. She is getting treatment for the same at Home for Life Animal Sanctuary.

A human dentist’s help was needed to fix Rue’s jaw. They will bond her upper and lower canine teeth to help hold her jaw in place while it heals. However, the cat has proven resilient, as the animal sanctuary noted that she still tries to eat canned food even after barely surviving her 12-story fall.

The cause behind Rue’s predicament is still in debate. Minneapolis Animal Care and Control believes it isn’t necessarily a criminal act. However, witnesses have reported seeing the feline being tossed out by someone.

The founder and executive director of Home for Life Animal Sanctuary, Lisa LaVerdiere, told MPR News that intentional injury to an animal can be prosecuted as a felony in the state. However, the police have closed the case already, with no suspects identified in the report, per Star Tribune.

Rue would have been put down if the animal sanctuary hadn’t taken her in. Furthermore, she was only a few hours away from euthanization. The Minneapolis Animal Care and Control cared for her on the day of the rescue and handed her over to Home for Life the next day.

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